About Us

Varun Jain - Developer & Administrator

Our resident UNIX nerd. Working with Linux/UNIX since high school, Varun handles the Systems Administration as well as pitches in with backend development. Varun has a passion for the latest and greatest tech and can frequently be found experimenting with new frameworks such as Meteor.js.

Lysandra Lee - Designer & Animator

Born and raised in Namibia, Lysandra has worked as a Architectural Visualizer for over 3 years. Lysandra does both 2D/3D Animation and Graphic and Logo design. In her spare time, she enjoys golfing and trying out new things.

Colin Morrow - Technical Designer

Colin is a real Canadian through and through. When he is not working you can find him rooting for his favourite hockey team. Colin also has a fondness for the outdoors so you can frequently find him camping.

Jeremy Tsang - Developer & Designer

The token gamer, Jeremy loves League of Legends; also an athlete, he loves Badminton. In his spare time, Jeremy also enjoys coding, UI development, and speaking in fluent Javascript.

Trevor Hall - Developer

Born with an Atari in hand, Trevor has been experimenting with software and creating websites since a young age. Following his passion, he pursued a career in Web Development where he ended up working here at Coniform as a backend developer.

Patrick Kowalski - Developer

Patrick is a backend developer skilled in a variety of languages and frameworks. His language of chocie is PHP but he's always eager to try out the newest web technology.

Marc Gamet - Developer & Designer

Born in Montreal and raised in Lyon, France, Marc is fluently Trilingual (Japanese, French, English). Having worked all over the globe - France, Japan, Australia - Marc brings a wealth of experience to the team. Can be found at local Cafe's coding on his Macbook.

Jonathan Giroux - Sales & Brand Development

"What's Facebook?" Coding is not his forte, but talking is! We had to put him in sales to get him out of the office. He's your problem now!